About Us

We believe that people should be able to achieve their aspirations of buying or selling homes simply & easily, which is why we strive to deliver our clients needs and requirements.

Our team has managed more than $20 million in properties & have 40 years combined experience. They are in tune with today’s market and are fully conversant with all aspects of the real estate industry. Together they are on call 7 days a week to meet with you to discuss your needs or assist you with the marketing of your property.

About Us

Our Team

Our core market is Queensland; We cover from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast right up to far North Queensland and all surrounding areas.

Why go off market? Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people’s needs and aspirations. So if you are selling your current home or buying your first home, a new larger/smaller family home or an investment property we can help make this a much smoother process. 

Whether it’s for sale or not, your next home is on offmarketre.net.au.

Whilst we are licensed real estate agency currently based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, we do things differently! 

Yes we do have a lot of visible “On Market” real estate property listings BUT we have have lots of high quality “Off The Market”, “Off The Plan” unit projects, house and land projects and very high quality commercial properties including hotels.

We will grow OMR nationally and will open satellite offices in Melbourne and Sydney to assist us drive southern investors to Queensland.

OMR (Off Market Real Estate) currently has many Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Tropical North Queensland Projects available ONLY to off market buyers.

Off Market Real Estate Buyers benefit significantly with better value and less competition PLUS we offer Off Market Real Estate Buyers an OMR cash incentive, depending on the property, up to $5,000 (some conditions apply)

At OMR, we use the highest discretion when dealing buyers and sellers as it is most important to protect both parties interests.

Our Philosophy

We’re fun, and new to the market.

OMR soon will be the Tinder of real estate. Let us Match Make your property or business with our qualified buyers. 

Our philosophy is; don’t spend big marketing dollars, don’t do a million open homes, don’t let everybody in the street know your business. Let us go to work discreetly and smartly to find your perfect match.

Sure you’re on the internet and could engage in other internet ads and social mediums but the OMR way is fun to sell. Take questions from potential clients via our site, set and build your own ad, set your price and parameters.

Sell it your way the OMR way!!

A little more about OMR

Off Market means just that, list and sell your asset in an off market transaction, meaning sell without public advertising. 

Off Market transactions are relationship based. OMR creates that relationship link through our matchmaking programme. Open dialogue and discuss your offer directly with the seller. Off market transactions are ideal for business and commercial.

All buyers like to be first or first to see a listing. Everyone likes a sneaky cheeky sale. Test your market and asset discreetly with us. Keep tricky neighbours and nosy staff or customers out of your potential sale. No community pressure. No emotions, No keeping up with the Joneses. Off Market potentially also could be a faster way to sell discreetly.

With Off Market sales everyone gets the gift of time. No pushy agents, no high pressure auctions. Negotiations can be more flexible. You set the time and steps and you control the outcome. 

Hence our exclusive OMR buyers’ club membership. Use our OMR matchmaking service to find your buyer. Simply complete your rego and go live. With OMR pay no more until we successfully go unconditional in your sale.

Have some fun with your sale .Create hype and excitement with our qualified OMR buyers’ club members.

Come on give OMR a go!!